University Staff Christian Fellowship (USCF)

Here is the home page of the University Staff Christian Fellowship (USCF) in Singapore for the dissemination of information on various on-campus small groups, events or relevant Christian organisations. Links to relevant external resources are also listed.

Vision and mission:

USCF serves the staff communities in various universities and institutes of higher learning (IHL), including full-time or part-time admin, research and teaching staff and graduate scholars. We envision new generations of spiritual leaders, whose professional excellence built on strong spiritual foundation, will flow from IHL to marketplaces in Singapore and globally.

USCF is an open platform that links the university staff communities with the various churches, para-church organizations and other external resources. We support each other through prayers, encouragement, bible studies and sharing how our relationship with God impacts our lives in professional and personal lives. We host seminars, workshops and academic forums on Faith in Academy to stimulate dialogue on such topics as Science and Faith, Faith in Public Square, Interdisciplinary Dialogue on Faith.

USCF also supports missionaries to other IHLs in different countries worldwide.


USCF was registered with the Registrar of Societies; and is managed by an executive committee and supported by other co-workers.